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Home, Auto, and Umbrella Insurance 

If you own a home and drive a late-model vehicle, or invest, or invest in properties, you know that those investments represent a significant portion of your assets. To protect your assets from loss, insurance is the ideal solution. At Rooney Insurance Agency, we have helped homeowners and motorists with comprehensive insurance coverage at competitive rates for over 50 years. From homeowners insurance policies to motorist insurance, umbrella coverage, and personal liability insurance solutions, our experienced team of professionals is ready to help you find the coverage you need at prices you can afford.

Home and Auto Insurance: Rooney Insurance Agency Lineup

Working together with some of the nation’s largest insurance carriers, Rooney Insurance Agency specializes in providing our customers with custom-tailored insurance solutions. We have served individuals and property owners in the state of Oklahoma for the past five decades, and in that time have developed a reputation for outstanding quality and selection.

Homeowners Insurance

This policy is a critical part of the property ownership landscape, protecting the home, related structures, and the personal contents of the structures against losses arising from natural disasters, fire, theft, and accidents. In many cases, homeowners insurance is required by lenders to secure a home mortgage. Some homeowners may have difficulty finding insurance for high-value homes – homes with replacement values exceeding $500,000. Rest assured that if you own a high-value home, Rooney has the insurance solution to meet your specific needs. No matter if you just purchased your first home or own multiple properties such as vacation homes or rental units, Rooney’s team of insurance professionals stands ready to assist. With our help, you can obtain a competitively-priced homeowners insurance policy, giving you peace of mind that your home and its contents are protected.

If you own a car, truck, or SUV, you know that automobile insurance is required by state laws. You and your family rely on your personally-owned vehicles for daily living. With comprehensive auto insurance coverage, you can rest assured that your vehicle is protected against risk. If you’re in an accident that leads to property damage or injury, insurance helps to cover the financial costs. Auto insurance also provides financial protection against damage or loss of the vehicle due to theft, natural disasters, or unforeseen circumstances. Rooney Insurance Agency offers a wide range of auto insurance policies, including those with discounts for safe drivers and individuals with multiple policies through our agency.

Umbrella Coverage and Personal Liability Insurance

Rooney Insurance Agency offers our clients an extensive selection of insurance solutions, including traditional home and auto policies and so much more. In some cases, these policies do not provide enough financial protection, and individuals may desire additional coverage. We can help. With our range of umbrella and personal liability insurance plans, you can gain that valuable extra coverage.


Umbrella Insurance

Our umbrella insurance plans provide additional financial protection beyond the limits of ordinary homeowners and motorist vehicle policies. This add-on is ideal for high-value properties and protects against legal claims arising from accidents, injuries, and property damage.

Personal Liability Insurance

Just like umbrella policies, our personal liability insurance policies provide additional protection in excess of policies held for homeowners and vehicle owners policies. It is designed to offer financial coverage for liability claims made against a property owner, including lawsuits arising from accidents, injury, or property damage.