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Inland Marine Businesses and Operations: Risks and Insurance Needs

Some confusion arises when discussing the inland marine industry. Many people believe that this is an extension of the marine industry, which is responsible for transporting goods over the world’s waterways. Inland marine operations, on the other hand, are those businesses that handle products, materials, and equipment over land, such as by train or truck, and those that provide warehousing and storage services for goods and materials. In this broad industry category, two of the most common risks are collisions and cargo theft, each resulting in the loss or damage of property.

A typical inland marine insurance policy can cover a wide range of equipment, materials, and products – even specialized items. Coverages are available for:

  • Mobile medical diagnostic and treatment equipment
  • Photography/videography equipment
  • Construction equipment/machines
  • Contracting equipment
  • Communications gear, including radio and microwave towers
  • Property deemed essential to transportation and communications
  • Property in transit from one location to another
  • Property/materials stored in warehousing operations
  • Musical instruments
  • Fine arts

There are specialized coverages within inland marine insurance plans as well. These options can include builder’s risk policies, cargo coverage, and installation floaters, only to name a few of the many choices.