Personal Insurance

You work hard for what you own. We work hard to protect you.

Rooney Insurance Agency:  Quality Coverage and Personal Service

Over five decades in business, the Rooney Insurance Agency has built a reputation on outstanding quality and service. We are a leading Independent Insurance Agency, providing families and individuals with insurance solutions that fit their needs. Our experienced team has the tools and the training needed to evaluate each client’s unique situation in life, then recommend policies that protect their valuable personal assets.

Rooney Insurance Agency works closely with some of the nation’s leading insurers, allowing us to bring our clients a wide range of policies and add-ons at competitive prices. Our top rated insurers personal lines of insurance are ideal for home and property owners, vehicle owners, high net worth households, and those who need personal liability coverage against unforeseen risks. We provide numerous personal insurance solutions, including:

  • Homeowners Policies
  • Motorist Insurance
  • Personal Watercraft Policies
  • Recreational Vehicle (RV) Policies
  • Motorcycle Insurance
  • Collectible Car Insurance
  • Umbrella Insurance
  • Personal Liability Policies

With our extensive lineup of options, we can help you protect your hard-earned investments, no matter what risks you face. Speak to one of our talented insurance professionals today to get started on protecting the property that means so much to you and your family.

Personal Insurance Solutions by the Rooney Insurance Agency

Since we first opened our doors in 1960, the Rooney Insurance Agency has put our clients’ needs first. Personal insurance is just that: insurance designed to protect one’s personal assets from the losses associated with accidents, natural disasters, theft, and legal claims. Here’s a closer look at the most common personal insurance choices.


Homeowners Insurance

Whether you just purchased your first home or own multiple properties, you know that real estate is often one of your largest investments. Help protect your home and its contents with a customized insurance plan that meets your needs perfectly. Homeowners policies for single-family homes, multiple-unit dwellings, vacation homes, and rental properties are available through the Rooney Insurance Agency. We specialize in providing insurance coverage for high-value homes that exceed $500,000 in replacement value.


Motorist Insurance

You and your family rely on automobiles for transportation and daily living. Personally-owned vehicles are another large investment, so it makes sense to protect that investment and the people riding in the vehicles with a comprehensive insurance policy. We offer a wide range of insurance options, including discounts for excellent driving record history and combining your Homeowners or Renters Insurance with the same insurer.


RV and Personal Watercraft Insurance

Many of us own boats, RVs, campers, or personal watercraft.  We use these investments to enjoy the outdoors and to get away on the weekends. With the right insurance policies in place, you can protect your recreational vehicles and watercraft from losses, including those arising from accidents, theft, and natural disasters, as well as the potential liability for their use.


Collectible Car Insurance

whether you inherited a classic car from a parent or collect vintage automobiles as a hobby, these vehicles can be very expensive to replace if something were to happen to them. Collectible car insurance offers peace of mind, protecting your valuable vehicle assets against a wide variety of risks.


Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella Liability Insurance provides additional financial protection beyond the 3rd party liability limits of ordinary homeowners and motorist vehicle policies. This add-on is ideal for anyone, especially those of means now or those who will have considerable earning potential in the future.  A Personal Umbrella Liability policy provides you with the extra protection against legal claims arising from severe accidents, injuries, and property damage.

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If you own a home or drive a late-model vehicle, you know how expensive they would be to replace if they were to become damaged or lost. Personal insurance offers you the best value, logical way to protect your investments against a wide range of expected and unforeseen risks. The insurance professionals at the Rooney Insurance Agency specialize in responsive, comprehensive, and innovative insurance solutions that protect your valuable assets. To learn more about our competitively-priced and custom-tailored personal insurance policies, call our team today by dialing (918) 582-0565.